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XOpi Help testing

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About XOpi

XOpi is WildFireWeb’s advanced content management system that allows content to be displayed and edited directly in a webpage using a standard browser such as Mozilla FireFox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, or, more simply stated, it allows you to easily update the content on your website, fast!

Stop paying by the hour for things you can easily and quickly do yourself. In less time than it takes for you to email your webmaster and explain what you want, you can log in, edit, and log out again. Simple, fast, done.

You may already be familiar with other web design and content management systems on the market such as WordPress®, Joomla® or Drupal®. All of these systems essentially do the same thing, allow you to manage and edit the content of your website using a standard web browser. That said, yes while they all certainly allow you to make changes, it’s how you make those changes that’s important to us. At WildFireWeb we took a close look at popular content management systems and developed what we believe, is the most robust, easiest to manage, simplest, browser based content management and editing suite on the market.

The WildFireWeb® XOpi CMS has been built specifically around the needs of small to medium size businesses, Tinder® allows website owners to edit text, pictures and graphics, upload and link to files, manage calendars and blogs – add and remove pages, reorder and rename navigation links and much more, all from any standard web browser, on any computer, anywhere, in real-time.

Real, live, fully dynamic, browser-based in-page editing. That’s a mouthful, but what’s important is what it means to you. Nearly instant changes and updates to your web content, no more getting strapped to a particular computer at the office, edit your website from any computer, anywhere, anytime using Tinder from WildFireWeb and any browser equipped computer, tablet or smart-phone.

It’s that simple, really.

Call us for more information about XOpi from WildFireWeb!
(707) 938-7677